Oxygen Concentrator Price in Pakistan

In the last various years, the atmosphere of the Earth has changed a lot. It’s not only relevant to some parts of the Earth but it’s all across the Globe. Let’s dive deep to know more about Oxygen Concentrator Price in Pakistan.

The need for the Oxygen Concentrator arose when there was the time duration of COVID-19. People required the Oxygen Concentrator for their unpredictable health and lung issues affected by the CoronaVirus. 

The Oxygen Concentrator is a medical device which is used for the purification of the Oxygen which can be inhaled by those who are suffering from any issues like that.

This assists in pure breathing which can lead to a healthy and risk-free life. In the proceeding article, we have explained various factors which delve deeply into the Oxygen Concentrator Price in Pakistan.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Price:

A Portable Oxygen Concentrator can be easily carried from one place to another which is why we call it Portable along with its name. There is no need to have a bulky or heavy machine for your Oxygen delivery.

The plus points involve that these Portable Oxygen Concentrators are very affordable and value to the money. However, the Portable Oxygen Concentrator prices are as follows: 

BrandModelRental PriceSale Price

The prices are clearly elaborated in the table mentioned above where you can see the rental prices and the sale prices as well.

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Philips Respironics Mini Oxygen Concentrator price

Uses of Oxygen Machine:

The Oxygen Machine is used for the delivery of the Oxygen to those patients who have issues in their breathing. An Oxygen Concentrator is recommended for those who feel burdened while inhaling Oxygen as a normal person does.

The significant role of the Oxygen Concentrator or the Oxygen Machine can be seen easily by overviewing the number of people who are using it to treat their respiratory conditions. 

An Oxygen Concentrator is typically required by patients who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It does not require to be filled again and again because it works by taking room air that contains millions of unnecessary dust particles.

The inhaler can be used easily with the help of normal air through the proper removal of Nitrogen and other harmful gasses that cause health issues to the inhalers.

Symptoms for using an Oxygen Concentrator Machine:

An Oxygen Concentrator is a crucial machine that provides purified and cleansed air to those patients who are having issues with the environment or room air. Mentioned below are the various symptoms that involve the:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Pneumonia
  • Asthma
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Heart Failure
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Interstitial Lung Disease 

These mentioned above are the common factors that make people use the Oxygen Concentrator machine. It can be noticed that all these issues are relevant to either health or respiratory issues.

If you are suffering from any of these issues or anyone whom you know, then it is highly suggested to use an Oxygen Concentrator to be utilized.

Oxygen Concentrator Price in Pakistan

How Philips Oxygen Concentrator Works?

The components or key features of the Oxygen Concentrator include the Air intake, Filters, Compressors, Sieve Beds, Product tanks, Flow meter, Humidifier bottle, and Delivery System. At the very first step, it takes the fresh air inside it, this air passes through various types of filters which are for its purification and filtration purpose. The Oxygen and Nitrogen are separated by the help of compression by a compressor. 

A very unique and found element that is Zeolite is utilized in the next step. A Zeolite is a naturally occurring three-dimensional porous material that absorbs air and dust particles.

This is how the Nitrogen gas is removed from this. The pure Oxygen is then collected into a tank also known as a product tank. This contains almost around 90-95% of the Oxygen gas. Then the pure Oxygen or the Concentrated Oxygen is delivered to the inhaler. 

Various positive points about the Oxygen Concentrator involve the utilization of ambient air which prevents its continuous refilling like how we do at the Oxygen Cylinder. It can be carried easily due to its portability.

Plus it is very travel-friendly, unlike the Oxygen Cylinder you don’t have to carry it while you are traveling.  A last plus point is its affordable and pocket-friendly price which anyone can easily afford.


The Oxygen Concentrator price in Pakistan is around PKR 80,000 to PKR 150,000. However, the prices get reduced to a large amount when these medical appliances are taken on a rent basis.

Respiratory Zone is providing all these medical appliances which are very cheap and worth the money. We understand the importance of pure Oxygen to the lives of sufferers so that is why we are providing it under a very low range of money.

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