Whom Patients Oxygen Concentrator Is Required?

An Oxygen Concentrator is a medical appliance which is used to treat patients who have certain health issues which are related to the lungs or respiratory system. The concern of utilizing the Oxygen Concentrator is to provide pure and filtered Oxygen up to the level of 80% cleansing. Let’s know about Whom Patients Oxygen Concentrator Is Required?

An OC is a small handy device which usually comes with two further specifications: Stationary and Portable. These OCs are being utilized by millions of people all across the world and play a very crucial role in their lives.

The further details of the purpose and the uses of the COs are explained hereafter. You can expand your understanding of the given article to get intellectual engagement from the provided knowledge. Before digging into the topic, one major point to understand about this is that Concentrated Oxygen is the Oxygen in which the molecules of Oxygen are in the majority.

Various dangerous gasses such as Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide and dirt particles can be removed with this. Strengthen your capacity to learn more about the reason to use this medical appliance in the following details.

Who requires Oxygen Concentrators?

An Oxygen Concentrator is utilized by such a community which has hardships in the respiratory system due to issues various lungs conditions including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), airway narrowing, Pneumonia, Lungs Cancer, Sleep Apnea, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), Pulmonary arteries blockage, Fibrosis, Lungs inflammation, low level of Oxygen in the Blood, Interstitial Lungs disease, Cystic Fibrosis and many more related health issues.

Also, patients who are recovering from any surgery are given the therapy of Concentrated Oxygen (COs) in which the patient is supposed to take Concentrated Oxygen to recover early from the disease or related surgery.

Purpose and the Uses of the Concentrated Oxygen:

One of the major objectives of using concentrated Oxygen is that this Oxygen is free of dust particles which is a great factor in utilizing this breathing gas for the lung’s interest in the ambient air in which there are millions of dirt and dust particles.

Those who are allergic to the environmental air can consume this Oxygen as it is free from Nitrogen and other hazardous particles which can lead the allergy to its peak. Here is the description of using the Concentrated Oxygen.

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Free of Nitrogen and Other Harmful Gasses:

Concentrated Oxygen is free from Nitrogen and other harmful gasses. A special filter is inside the machine of the OCs in which zeolite is used. A zeolite is a naturally occurring molecule in which the molecules of these gasses like Carbon Monoxide and hazardous glasses are blocked.

A zeolite is a three-dimensional special molecule which is naturally occurring in the rock of the volcanoes. This Zeolite can block the Nitrogen molecules which means that the Oxygen molecules are only allowed to pass through it as they’re smaller than the size of the holes inside the Zeolite.   

Better Health and Lifestyle:

Those who consume Concentrated Oxygen have noticed a great amount of change in their lives due to the pure Oxygen which they are consuming.

The Oxygen cleanses up to the percentage ratio of 80% and the rest are the minute particles of other gasses. Once you take this therapy you will be going to see a great change in your mood daylife fatigue and other mental or physical health issues.

A Therapy to Allergy Sufferers:

Concentrated Oxygen is the therapy which is given to those who have Chronic health issues like asthma, bronchitis and COPD. Such individuals who are suffering from the allergy and are allergic to the dust particles usually consume the Oxygen in which the particles of the Oxygen are concentrated.

Once the dust and dirt particles are removed from the Oxygen then they are good to be consumed by such sufferers. This improves their health and also the respiratory system.   

Treating the Sleep Apnea:

You can treat the Sleep Apnea if you have it with the health of using the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). This is a Positive pressure of the Oxygen in which you get Oxygen for the whole night through an Oxygen Mask which is supposed to be placed on your face.

Sleep Apnea is the blockage or the hurdle in sleep due to inappropriate brain function of the brain. The surfers feel the sudden pressure on the lungs and it feels hard to breathe.    

Recovery from any Surgery:

Individuals who are recovering from any disease such as lung cancer or other major surgeries like heart etc are supposed to remain on the Oxygen concentrator to give the patient relaxed breathing.

It makes the patient breathe easily and gives him a better respiratory system while he is recovering from the disease or the health issue. The patient does not have to face any hardship in sleeping.  

Concentrated Molecules of Oxygen:

The filter inside the Oxygen Concentrator is made up of Zeolite which is a three-dimensional molecule in which there are millions of holes. These holes work very effectively in the blockage of the molecules which have a size greater than these holes and luckily the Nitrogen gas is blocked by the Zeolite.

As the size of the Oxygen molecules is smaller than the size of Nitrogen gas or Carbon monoxide these are not blocked and become concentrated.


  1. What are Oxygen Concentrators?

An Oxygen Concentrator is a medical device for patients with COPD or other Chronic patients. This is a medical device in which you will get pure Oxygen and up to 80% removal of gasses which are very harmful to your health. Nitrogen and Carbon Monoxide gas is one of them.     

  1. What is the purpose of the Oxygen Concentrator? 

Sufferers of the allergy or other lung-related issues like COPD or asthma use this Oxygen Concentrator to get pure Oxygen which is free of first and other particles of gasses. To treat patients with such diseases the doctors suggest taking Concentrated Oxygen in that case.  

  1. Which patients require Concentrated Oxygen? 

Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), airway narrowing, Pneumonia, lung cancer, Sleep Apnea, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), and Pulmonary artery blockage usually require Concentrated Oxygen.


The patients who are suffering from any Chronic health issues like COPD, ARDS, lung cancer, bronchitis or Asthma and other related diseases. Those who have allergies also use this therapy to get better dirt-free air for their lungs. The Oxygen Concentrator takes the ambient air in which there are an unlimited number of molecules of hazardous gasses like Nitrogen and Carbon Monoxide.

These all gasses collectively pass through the filter which contains the Zeolite. A Zeolite is a molecule in which there are millions of small holes. These holes block the Nitrogen gas molecules and other ones from it to pass. The Oxygen is then concentrated on the other side which is inhaled by the inhaler. Concluding all the above this Oxygen Concentrator is very essential for a better lifestyle and living.

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