How Oxygen Concentrator Works?

Portable Oxygen Concentrators are medical devices which are used for the blockage of dirty and dust particles which are consumed by allergy sufferers or other patients with lung diseases such as chronic disease or COPD and many other viruses. Let’s dive deep to know all about How Oxygen Concentrator Works?

The major objective to use these POCs is to concentrate the Oxygen which is presented in the air and then inhaled by the users. This cleanses the environment air up to 95% and filters the room air along with the benefit of the portability of this handy and travel-friendly device.  

Once you invest in these POCs then you will be able to inhale only cleaned air and this is done with portability, Meaning that the user does not have to carry a bulky device and take the Oxygen therapy at any place is not bound to have therapy to get a better lifestyle.

In general, the Oxygen inside the air is 20% but this device works effectively and provides the Oxygen in a massive amount to the consumer. Millions of people are purchasing this device for the betterment of their respiratory issues. For more details, you can read the provided details below:

What are Oxygen Concentrators?

The Oxygen concentrators are the devices which are used for the concentration of the Oxygen and provide it to the inhaler. The need for POCs arises when the person has issues with regular breathing he requires Oxygen therapy to get fascinated by these POCs in the time of irregular breathing of dirty air.

However, it is recommended to not use the POCs when you are present near a smoker because it will make the filter more dirty and may not be able to remove the 100% guaranteed particles of the dangerous gasses presented in the smoke of the Cigarette.

Working of the Oxygen Concentrators:

The Oxygen Concentrators provide the required Oxygen to such patients who lack Oxygen in their blood due to diseases which are further discussed below.

The basic function of this medical appliance is that it takes the normal air from the environment and then removes the Nitrogen and other gasses which are harmful. A filter which is fitted inside removes the dirt and dust items from the air and finally the pure and concentrated Oxygen is delivered to the consumer.

Insertion of the Cell or Battery:

At the very first step, you will need to insert the cell or battery in the Oxygen Concentrator device. These Oxygen-constrained machines often come with two types: Batteries or cells.

In further specification, some Oxygen concentrators require the single cell or double cells but others require the better resource. The insertion of the battery reflects the proceedings in further steps which are in detail below.

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Takes The Ambient Air:

The ambient air means the air which is presented in the environment. This air contains millions of dirt and dust particles which are harmful to the lungs and other chronic diseases.

The Oxygen Concentrator takes the ambient air and then this air is then concentrated with further steps. When the person inhales then the air in the normal environment goes inside. This is the first step genuinely because after this process the filtration starts.       

Filtration of Dirt Particles:

As the name suggests, the process of filtration means the direct and other unnecessary air particles from the environment air are removed.

This is a very major aspect of Concentrated Oxygen because if the patient of the lungs start showing dirty air then definitely the POCs (Portable Oxygen Concentrators) are not going to work. This removal plays a very important role in the life of such patients. 

Removal of Nitrogen and Harmful Gasses:

 The removal of Nitrogen and other harmful glasses which are dangerous once inhaled is the next step. After the performance of this step, the environment air becomes 80% concentrated and then the inhaler would get pure air to breathe.

It is a fact that this Nitrogen gas is very harmful to living species. This removal is done as the filter blocks the molecules of the environment air to get into the Concentrated Oxygen.  

Delivering the Concentrated Oxygen:

 The final step is to deliver the Concentrated Oxygen to the inhaler who is using this Portable Concentrated Oxygen machine.

When the inhaler or the user inhales, then the concentrated air which was processed by these various steps is delivered to the inhaler.  The process continues until or unless the battery dies or the cells become weak. Including the POC’s work portability and one can easily use this therapy while traveling.

What are the Types of the Oxygen Concentrators?

 There are two types of Oxygen concentrators which are stationary Oxygen concentrators and Portable Oxygen Concentrators. Both are being used in numerous numbers all across the world like hospitals, healthcare and other medical centers. Further information is outlined below: 

Stationary Oxygen Concentrators :

 As the name suggests, the Stationary Oxygen Concentrators would be immovable and fixed to one place. These are mostly found in the hospitals and the health care center.

As they are directly connected to the switch and require DC voltage for it. However, the positive point about these is that they do not require their battery or cells to be changed every day.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators:

The Portable Oxygen Concentrators are portable and can be carried from one location to another easily. The best part of these is that the Portable Oxygen Concentrators are movable and the user does not stick to only one point.

Also, the consumer can carry it while travelling so that if he requires the concentrated Oxygen anywhere then he can use it. They operated on single cells, double cells or batteries.

Who Uses The Oxygen Concentrators? 

As discussed previously, there are people all across the world in millions of numbers who have issues while breathing due to asthma or bronchitis. Know more about How Oxygen Concentrator Works?

So this device is a great help to such people who have the requirement of Concentrated Oxygen. More specifics are furnished hereafter: 

  • Asthma
  • Brochits
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Cancer Patients
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Severe Heart Conditions
  • Surgery Receivers
  • Old Age Community

These all are the issues due to which people use concentrated Oxygen. However, there may be some other health concerns which may lead to the usage of the concentrated Oxygen machine.


  •  How Oxygen Concentrator Works?

The Oxygen Concentrator includes a few steps which are discussed hereafter. Firstly it takes the ambient air which is done when the person inhales the air. Secondly, this inhaled air passes through the POCs as it was with the face of the inhaler. The filter which is inside the Oxygen Concentrator removes the dirt and dust particles. The same is the case with Nitrogen gas.  Finally, the Concentrated Oxygen is delivered to the consumer.   

  • What are the Oxygen Concentrators? 

Oxygen Concentrators are medical devices which are used to concentrate the Oxygen and remove unnecessary dust and dirt particles. This device is used by patients who are lung sufferers. Pure oxygen is collected from the normal environment air and then inhaled by the POC consumer.    

  • Who Uses The Oxygen Concentrators? 

Those who have Asthma, bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer Patients, Respiratory Issues, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Chronic Diseases, Severe Heart Conditions, Surgery Receivers, Old Age Community are the users of the Oxygen Concentrators.


The Oxygen Concentrators work portability and include various steps. The first one is to power the Portable Concentrator Machine. Then you will have to inhale the Oxygen and all the next processes are linked with this inhaling. It can be elaborated as that when the user inhales then this will pressurize the environment air to get it to the device.

The air which goes inside the POC machine will first get through a filter. The major purpose of using this filter is to remove dirt and dust particles from the air as the priority. Once these tiny and unneeded particles are removed with the help of a filter then the next step is the removal of the Nitrogen and other harmful gasses.

The molecules of Nitrogen are bigger and get stuck in the filter but Oxygen passes through it. This filtered Oxygen is what we call Concentrated Oxygen inhaled by the inhaler which is 80% pure.

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