Bipap Machine on Rent in Karachi

A Bipap stands for Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure which has functionality different than the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). A Bipap machine provides two-way pressures: higher pressure and lower pressure. Let’s Dive deep to know all about Bipap Machine on Rent in Karachi.

The higher positive airway pressure is for the inhalation and the second one is for the exhalation. Bipap Machine on rent in Karachi is available at Respiratory Zone where they are providing a diverse number of Bipap machines. Here are the details on the Bipap machine price in Pakistan plus Bipap Rent and Sale by Respiratory Zone.

Over 16 Million people are living in the metropolitan city – Karachi. It’s a city with numerous regions and cultural transitions. The same is the scenario with its atmosphere which is severely affecting its people and causing some severe health issues.

A Bipap Machine – a non-invasive ventilation machine which has a primary focus to help patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). A Bipap is used to treat Sleep Apnea which is mainly a lack in the brain’s functionality and creates a sudden lack in the breathing of the patient while he is sleeping.

BIPAPs on Rent/Sale Near me:

A Bipap is now available for rent near your location. At Respiratory Zone, we are making it possible to provide our services of Bipap on rent in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. 

  • Philips A40 – BIPAP Machine
  • Philips DreamStation ST- BIPAP Machine
  • Philips Sixty Series AVAPS – BIPAP Machine
  • Resmed Lumis 150 – BIPAP Machine
  • Resmed S9 ST IVAPS – BIPAP Machine
  • Resmed Stellar 150 – BIPAP Machine 

These are the BIPAPs on rent in Karachi. Respiratory Zone is well known for its best-selling Bipap machines along with the insurance of the quality.

All products which are related to the Respiratory such as Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP, BIPAP, Cardiac monitors, Medical Beds, Ventilators, Masks and Accessories are available at the Respiratory Zone. 

The best thing we offer is the affordable prices of these products which means that these products can easily be purchased by anyone. We believe that nothing is more worthy than life and for that, we are providing our services at very pocket-friendly prices and value for the money.

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BIPAPs on Rent/Sale in Karachi:

The BIPAPs on Rent/Sale in Karachi are available at the Respiratory Zone where we are offering them at very cheap prices which are value for the money. The patients of the BIPAP can use these items for the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Bipap Machine on rent and sale

BIPAPs on Rent/Sale in Lahore:

To all the residents of Lahore, we are offering the BIPAP on Rent in Lahore. This includes our high-quality respiratory products which are value to the money. We believe in the importance of health and for that, we are ready to provide our services at very cheap rates. 

BIPAPs on Rent/Sale in Islamabad:

The people living in Islamabad, if they are suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and are looking for the solution for it then you must be having Bipap on either rent or sale in Islamabad.

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Respiratory Zone’s Best Selling BIPAPs:

Respiratory Zone is a provider of health care services with the proper insurance of the quality. With the best and well-maintained health-related equipment which is beneficial for the health of those who have any chronic disease or related issues. The list of the best selling products ours includes the following:

  • Philips A40 – BIPAP Machine
  • Philips DreamStation ST- BIPAP Machine
  • Philips Sixty Series AVAPS – BIPAP Machine
  • Resmed Lumis 150 – BIPAP Machine
  • Resmed S9 ST IVAPS – BIPAP Machine
  • Resmed Stellar 150 – BIPAP Machine

You can have all these products of ours and we ensure the best health-providing services within your city. With reliability, affordability, and convenient services and unmatchable tailored services, Respiratory Zone is here to treat people with COPD or other respiratory health issues.

Price Range and Insurance Coverage:

The complete list of the products which we are offering is highly affordable as we trust that health must be kept as the top priority. So, we provide our products which involve CPAPs, BIPAPs, Ventilators, Medical Beds, Cardiac Monitors, Masks and other medical-related Accessories at very cheap price ranges.

Respiratory Zone rental in Karachi typically ranges from PKR 8000 to PKR 15000 but we are offering these medical devices under very value to money ranges.

Renting vs Buying BiPAP Machines:

The Bipap machine on rent in Karachi means that the patient or the customer is having this on some trial periods and he is supposed to return it to the company from where he has bought it. Having a BiPAP machine on purchasing means that the patient is having that specific machine permanently and he has paid for it. 

When you have a medical device on a rental basis then it’s way cheaper, however, the device when purchased has a lot of charges for it.

Also, the rental devices are supposed to return to the owner so you have to take care of these devices properly. But once purchased, you don’t have to worry about caretaking policies.

Bipap Machine on Rent

What is the Process for Bipap Machines on rent in Pakistan? 

The process for the BIPAP machines on rent in Pakistan includes the following processes: 

Counseling Session and Medical Prescription: As the very first priority, you must have a proper discussion with your doctor to use which medical device. So that’s why there might not be any issue while it’s used by the patient. 

Rental Machines: Once you have a doctor’s prescription then your next step includes having the rental machines as per the prescription of the doctor is that you can have that particular machine during the trial period. This trial period is for checking whether this matches your health issue or not. 

Fill the Documentation Process: Once you are satisfied with your rental machine then at next you have to fill out all the documentation which will be given by the Respiratory Zone.

Warranty and Return Policy: After the documentation process is fulfilled. you have to ask queries and confusion related to the warranty and get aware of the return policy for the medical device.


  1. How much is Bipap Price in Karachi?

The Bipap price ranges from PKR 8000 to PKR 15000 on a rental basis. However, the price ranges may be different for each other because it depends upon many factors like the quality of the Bipap machines and the years of experience of the seller.

  1. Where can I have a Bipap machine on rent in Karachi?

You can have a Bipap machine on rent in Karachi by the Respiratory Zone. We are providing the BIPAP in Karachi at a very low and affordable price range by which you can have the treatment of your Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


Bipap machines on rent/sale in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are available at the Respiratory Zone where you can have them at cheap price ranges. Ensuring quality and affordability is the best skill which we are offering to you.

The price range for the BIPAP in Karachi is around PKR 8000 to PKR 15000 but at Respiratory Zone, we are offering the prices under a very cheaper range. Don’t compromise on your health and book yours NOW!!

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