BiPaP Mask Price In Pakistan

A BiPAP (Bi-Level Positive Airflow Pressure) is a respiratory machine with two levels of Oxygen pressure for the Lungs support. Individuals with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) restrict the airflow of Oxygen and cause a burden in breathing like a normal person does. Patients of Pulmonary oedema or pneumonia are also the users of the BiPaP machines. Let’s dive deep to know more about BiPaP Mask Price In Pakistan.

BiPAP mask is a special mask that fits on the patient’s face and bridges the gap between the mouth and the transferring Oxygen. At Respiratory Zone you have the opportunity to purchase the affordable BiPaP mask price in Pakistan for under a few rupees along with perfection in quality and meeting the patient’s needs.

What is BiPAP Mask?

The non-invasive ventilation helps the breathing of Oxygen from the BiPaP machine. The positive airflow from the BiPAP machine contains Oxygen and a low to no ratio of Carbon Dioxide gas.

As the Carbon Dioxide gas suffocates the breathing and is dangerous for the inhalers the BiPaP machine satisfies the need for pure Oxygen and the BiPaP Mask plays its role with the help of providing the path between the BiPaP hose and the patient’s face.

In simpler words, the Oxygen needs to get into the lungs of the patients. The BiPAP mask price in Pakistan starts from an average of 5000 and goes up to 48000 per. However, the BiPAP masks which we are offering are very affordable and the quality meets its best standard.

Use of Bipap Mask:

The BiPaP mask reflects the way over to the delivery of the Oxygen from the BiPaP machine to the patient’s face and then it is inhaled by the inhaler and goes inside the lungs. A BiPAP contains two levels of Oxygen: A high Level and a Low Level.

The high level is when the patient or the inhaler inhales and the low level is when the patient exhales. This type of scenario is best for the ease of breathing as these two levels of Oxygen go with the flow of the patient’s breathing level.

Diving deep into the use of BiPAP masks involves the keeping of airways even when you are sleeping at night. All you need is to breathe as a normal person does while sleeping. People with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) can have a peaceful sleep without any disturbance during the nighttime due to their breathing issues.

At the Respiratory Zone, we have BiPaP masks at affordable prices that anyone with COPD can purchase.

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Types Of Bipap Masks:

There are three types of BiPaP Masks which are commonly used. The major difference between these all is the area they cover for the face or the shape. These types are as below: 

  • Nasal Pillow BiPAP Mask
  • Nasal BiPAP Mask
  • Full Face BiPAP Mask

Choosing Right Bipap Masks:

Choosing the right BiPaP mask may be a little difficult as most people get confused due to its diversity in size and styles. So, here are the details which you can explore to clear your mind and make the final decision to purchase any specific mask that meets your requirements.

The BiPaP machine price in Pakistan has an average range of 5000 per and goes up to the range of 45000. Now, if you are confused regarding the choosing of the BiPaP mask then here is the explanation for it.

The Nasal BiPAP Mask is only for the nose and nostrils and it only covers them. After wearing them you can easily sleep without any hesitation. The Oxygen goes from the mount to your lungs and only the nostrils are covered by this type of mask.

Now for the Pillow Nasal BiPaP Mask, it is the same as the Nasal BiPaP but it covers the only nostril portion. It has another option which you can use and that is the Mouth pipe attached to the nose portion. The last one is the Full Face BiPaP Mask which covers the whole portion of your face and the mouth.


The BiPaP mask price in Pakistan starts from an average of 5000 pkr and ends up around 45000 pkr. However, these prices may be different at the different websites but this is the average BiPaP mask price in Pakistan.

In addition, there are various types of masks such as the Nasal Pillow BiPaP Mask, Nasal BiPaP Mask and the Full Face BiPaP Mask which reflect the difference in their sizes and prices to some extent. Lastly, the prices we are offering are very pocket friendly and you can purchase them any time.

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