Life Care Manual Medical Bed

Life Care Manual Medical Bed

The Life Care Manual Medical Bed is a specialized hospital bed designed to provide comfort, safety, and ease of use for patients in medical facilities or home care settings.

  1. Adjustable Backrest and Leg Elevation: Allows customization of the bed’s position to accommodate various patient needs such as sitting up or elevating the legs for improved comfort and circulation. Let’s dive deep to know all about Life Care Manual Medical Bed.
  2. Manual Crank System: Enables caregivers to adjust the height of the bed manually, making it easier to assist patients with getting in and out of bed or performing caregiving tasks.
  3. Side Rails: Provides added safety by preventing patients from accidentally rolling out of bed, especially during sleep or when the bed is elevated.
  4. Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg Positions: Some models may offer the ability to tilt the entire bed forward (Trendelenburg) or backward (Reverse Trendelenburg), which can be beneficial for certain medical procedures or patient conditions.
  5. Durable Construction: Made of sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum to ensure stability and support for patients of varying sizes and weights.
  6. Mattress Platform: Features a flat, supportive surface to accommodate standard hospital mattresses or specialized pressure-relieving mattresses for patients at risk of pressure ulcers.
  7. Locking Casters: Provides mobility when needed and stability when locked in place, allowing caregivers to easily move the bed for cleaning or repositioning.
  8. Easy-to-Clean Surfaces: Designed with smooth surfaces and materials that are easy to sanitize, helping maintain a clean and hygienic environment for patients.
  9. Weight Capacity: Typically rated to support a specific maximum weight capacity to ensure patient safety and bed integrity. Know more about Life Care Manual Medical Bed.d
  10. Emergency Features: Some models may include emergency release mechanisms or CPR functionality for quick response in emergency situations.


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