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In the matter of respiratory cure, technological revolution has covered the way for improved patient’s health. Among the innovations of science, BiPAP and AVAPS machines have appeard as important tools for managing breathing disorders.We have brought  Philips brand’s BiPAP and AVAPS machines to market. In this blog, we will have a look on these devices, their availability in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Karachi, pricing details, and why you should use Respiratory Zone as your health partner .

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Understanding BiPAP and AVAPS Machines:

BiPAP Machine: Breathing Support with Enhanced Comfort:

BiPAP, or bilevel positive airway pressure, is an in offensive therapy that assists individuals with breathing disorders. Unlike CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), which maintains a continuous airflow, a BiPAP machine adjusts the pressure based on the user’s breathing condition. This feature gives more natural and comfortable breathing, making it a good choice for patients with conditions like sleep apnea, COPD, and more

AVAPS Technology: Adaptive Support for purfied Ventilation

AVAPS, or average volume assured pressure support, is a technology combined into BiPAP machines, like Philips’ DreamStation AVAPS. AVAPS ensures that patients receive a continuous tidal volume while adjusting to changes in their breathing conditions. This technology upgrades  ventilation and decreases the effort required for breathing, increases patient’s comfort and ease.


Respiratory Zone as Your Partner in Respiratory Health and Care:

 Respiratory Zone offers best prices for Philips BiPAP and AVAPS machines.Prices can vary based on qualities and features, Respiratory Zone tries to ensure that these life caring equipment are in reach of those who need them the most.

AVAPS automatically adapts to your patient's changing needs

Bi-Flex technology enhances patient comfort

DirectView management and reporting software for breath-by-breath detail

Clinically proven algorithms for advanced event detection

Heated tube for more flexibility and patient comfort

Connectivity options for data transfer

Digital Auto-Trak for advanced leak detection

System One Resistance Control for complete system comfort

Conclusion :

In a country where respiratory issues are common, access to best respiratory care technology is a good oppurtunity. BiPAP and AVAPS machines have revolutionized the way we manage breathing disorders, offering better comfort and improved patient health. Respiratory Zone’s introduction of Philips BiPAP AVAPS machines to the Pakistani market shows their dedication to uphold healthcare services. Whether you’re in Rawalpindi or Islamabad or Karachi, the availability of these devices provides hope and relief to countless patients seeking effective respiratory health care. By choosing Respiratory Zone, you’re not only investing in latest technology but also in a partner that values your health above everything.

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