Oxygen Regulator Price in Pakistan

If you live in Pakistan and want to know about the oxygen regulator price in Pakistan, then you have reached the right article. Its prices range from 4500 PKR to 7200 PKR depending on the brands, models or features. Even after getting the idea of the price, you still can get confused about which one to choose to buy regulators and which factors you should prioritise. Here we are going to discuss the solution to all of your confusion.

Oxygen regulator definition

An oxygen regulator is the medical item used with oxygen cylinders to control, and reduce the flow of oxygen. You have often seen a regulator on oxygen tank which medical assistants utilize to maintain the oxygen level in the patient. The exact oxygen regulator definition could be a flow control device to ensure the safe and secure oxygen pressure to provide to patients. 

Types of Oxygen Regulators

There are mainly 2 different types of oxygen regulators exist; 

  • Conserving medical oxygen regulator 
  • Continuous oxygen regulator 

In conserving regulators, it works when patients initiate breathing. It saves and can be consumed 5% longer period than others. The only drawback of this medical equipment is that, it will only work when the patient takes a deep breath or breath from the mouth. 

On the other hand, the continuous oxygen regulators give the patient a continuous flow of oxygen. They consume quickly and can be finished early, however, we can control the flow of the oxygen from the regulator. 

Both types of oxygen regulators are useful and can be used depending on the critical condition of the patient’s health or how much oxygen is needed.

Use of regulator on oxygen tank

Medical oxygen regulators are used to control the flow of oxygen from the oxygen tanks.  This helps in measuring, and controlling the flow so the safety of the patient can be ensured. Oxygen tanks store the oxygen, while oxygen regulation controls and maintains the flow of the oxygen. Oxygen tanks filled with full-pressure oxygens, and regulators are mandatory to use to control the flow of intake of oxygen for the patient. The intake of oxygen for every patient could be different depending on their critical health condition. Respiratory Zone always brings quality medical products for consumers. You can buy oxygen regulators from the website, and can also explore portable oxygen regulators depending on your needs. 

Oxygen regulator price in Pakistan

Oxygen regulator prices in Pakistan can be varied from 4500 PKR to 7200 PKR. The main factors for price changes could be, brands, features, models etc. If you want to buy an oxygen pressure regulator in Pakistan, then Respiratory Zone is the best option for you. The prices can also increase if you want to buy high-quality durable products with advanced features. Then the product price could reach around 10, 000 PKR. Pakistan has a crowded hospital,  then buying oxygen cylinders, and portable oxygen regulators for your loved ones at home could be a smart decision. 

Where to buy medical oxygen regulator 

You can buy from Respiratory Zone, who is delivering its products in 3 crowded cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. We sell medical products like oxygen concentrators, cardiac monitors, medical beds, ventilators medical masks, etc. Consumers can buy new or on-rent items as well. Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi are well-growing and advanced cities of Pakistan, where with respiratory zone buying medical equipment has become so easy for residents. 

Oxygen Regulator Price in Karachi

The residents of Karachi can place orders online via the website or visit the shop as well. The address of the Karachi shop is Shop no 1 Shakeel Corporation Road, Main Karimabad, Beside Meena Bazar, Karachi

Oxygen Regulator price in Islamabad

The residents of our capital city of Pakistan, can also visit shops and buy products after checking the proper work. Our shop in Islamabad is at Office # 08, Street 108 fortune arcade, 1st floor G13/1 Islamabad

Oxygen Regulator price in Lahore

How can Lahore be left behind, when talking about big cities of Pakistan, respiratory zone also has an office in Lahore, which is located at Office # 406, 4th Floor Textile Plaza Shadman Market Lahore


You can visit the website, or contact us via phone number: +923192004884 or email: at [email protected] or directly place an order as well. 


Whenever Pakistani residents want to buy any medical equipment, the respirator zone is the first word that comes to mind. We have been working in the market for years and selling products online to consumers. Our all medical products are very affordable to our consumers. We are the providers of the most pocket-friendly oxygen regulator price in Pakistan. We have a record of satisfied customers who give 5-star reviews on our products. You can also buy your first purchase and get high-quality oxygen regulators at your home. 

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