Oxygen Mask Price in Pakistan

What is an Oxygen Mask?

An oxygen mask is a medical equipment which is worn over the nose and mouth and is used to provide breathing oxygen to patients who do not get enough amount of oxygen for respiratory purposes. The breathing oxygen is stored in an oxygen tank which is used with an oxygen mask to deliver the required amount of oxygen to the patient for smooth breathing. The oxygen mask comes in a variety and is different in shape and material depending upon their requirements of use. Depending upon the type, the oxygen mask price also varies. Oxygen masks are usually made of rubber, plastic or silicone and are used according to the patient’s oxygen requirements.

Oxygen mask uses

When it comes to oxygen mask uses we can say that there are different types of masks which are made up of different materials. So they are then of course used differently according to the requirements. Let’s explore the different types of oxygen masks and where and when we can use them.

Oxygen face mask types

Simple Face Mask

A simple face mask oxygen is the type of mask which delivers low to moderate amounts of breathing oxygen through the nostrils of the patient by placing the mask on the nose. The simple oxygen mask delivers up to 40 to 60 percent of oxygen from the oxygen source attached to it. This oxygen face mask flow rate is an average of 10 L/min.

Nasal Cannula

The other name for nasal cannula is ‘nasal prolongs’ as it includes two-pronged tube devices which are attached to the oxygen tank or cylinder. The caregivers place this tube in the patient’s nostrils with the help of support from the user’s ears. This type of oxygen mask is the better option for those who have minimal respiratory distress and are looking for long-term oxygen use. Nasal cannula oxygen face mask flow is typically between 1-4 litres per minute ( and delivers 24–40% oxygen to the user.

Venturi Oxygen Mask

The other name of the Venturi mask is the air entertainment mask. Like other oxygen masks, a Venturi mask delivers a precise amount of oxygen to the patient but uses a flow meter to determine how much oxygen is being delivered. These masks are the best option for those patients who are suffering from acute respiratory distress or when there is an indication of need from the arterial blood gas result.

Reservoir Masks

Reservoir masks are partial re-breather or non-breather masks. These masks are the best choice for patients who are suffering from severe respiratory disorders and require an excess amount of breathing oxygen. Partial re-breather oxygen masks deliver up to 70 to 90 percent of oxygen and non-breather masks deliver oxygen above 90 percent. Oxygen face mask flow rates for reservoir masks are approximately 12-15 litres per minute for an effective supply of oxygen.

Oxygen mask price in Pakistan

We at Respiratory Zone have good news for Pakistanis who are in search of oxygen mask prices in Pakistan. We provide high-quality oxygen masks for patients who are suffering from respiratory disorders. Not only we are offering the purchase option for oxygen masks but also provide oxygen masks on rent in the major cities of Pakistan- Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. We have competitive oxygen mask prices and high-quality equipment from reputable manufacturers in the market. Our high-quality respiratory supplies ensure that you get the best therapy for your respiratory disorders on a user-friendly budget without compromising on quality. Get to know more about our high-quality oxygen mask price in the section below and choose the one tailored to your needs.

Portable Oxygen Mask at Respiratory Zone

We at Respiratory Zone provide the following oxygen mask price with customer support maintenance. So, now explore different face mask machine price in Pakistan and choose the one according to your needs.

Yuwell Yuwell Bipap Mask Full face Rs. 5500/-
YuwellYuwell Nasal mask Rs. 6500/-
Yuwell Yuwell Nasal pillow maskRs. 14000/-
Galemed Galemed Full Face Mask Rs. 6500/-
Philips Philips Wispe Mask Rs. 24,000/-
Philips Philips Amara ViewRs. 28,000/-
Resmed Resmed Nasal pillow p10 Rs. 26,000/-
Resmed Resmed F20 full face Rs. 34,000/-
BMC BMC N2 Nasal MaskRs. 8000/-
BMC BMC P2 Nasal pillow maskRs. 15,000/-

These products are from reputable manufacturers in the market having different oxygen face mask flow rates according to the patient’s requirements. The top-rated manufacturers in our product catalogue include ResMed, Philips, Devilbiss, Yuwell, Astra and many more. Know more about the exceptional features of our oxygen masks at the Products Page and make a purchase now.

Oxygen Mask near me

If you are a Pakistani national and are in search of oxygen masks for your respiratory disorders then you need not struggle anymore to find the best oxygen mask near me. Don’t worry if you are living in any part of Pakistan. Because, whenever you require medical equipment for your respiratory disorders then just give a call at Respiratory Zone and our customer support team will provide you with the best oxygen mask prices. 

Respiratory Zone has its offices in the major cities of Pakistan- Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. So whenever you are in urgent need of medical devices just hit the call button as we are just one step away from you. Now whenever you are looking for an oxygen mask near me, be sure that Respiratory Zone is only the reliable option for you. So, Contact us now from the addresses mentioned below according to your city.

For Lahore:  

Address: Office # 406, 4th Floor Textile Plaza Shadman Market Lahore

For Islamabad: 

Address: Street 108, G 13/1 G-13, Islamabad Fortune Arcade, office no.8 1st floor G13/1 Islamabad

For Karachi:

Address: Shop no 1 Shakeel Corporation Road, Main Karimabad, Beside Meena Bazar, Karachi


In conclusion, Respiratory Zone is the best option when you are looking for affordable oxygen mask prices in Pakistan. We offer oxygen masks for various respiratory needs, which include simple face masks to reservoir masks, to provide comfortable and effective oxygen therapy. Moreover, we provide services in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, to ensure you get prompt delivery and maintenance for a lifetime. Contact Us now at +923192004884 to get the best oxygen masks according to your requirements in just one click.

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