How to Use Oxygen Concentrator Machine 

An Oxygen Concentrator machine is a medical appliance for conveying Oxygen to lung patients who require any respiratory support to get an elevated amount of Oxygen. Let’s dive deep to know more about How to Use Oxygen Concentrator Machine?

This tool serves as assistance to those who have difficulty breathing by first filling the room with air, then eliminating nitrogen and other gasses for pure Oxygen in the result.

This extraction serves as a support to lung patients due to the condition that the Oxygen delivered is garmented clean and refined.

The often use of Oxygen Concentration benefits the sufferers of lung problems. If a patient uses this tool then it would bring positive impacts on his health. The cleansed air is a bridge for the betterment of the lives of such patients who have any burden due to irregular respiratory conditions.

It is a lightweight, small-sized, affordable appliance which serves its magnificent task of providing refined and filtered Oxygen by the removal of harmful and other gasses which are not required.

Use of Portable Oxygen Machine:

The Oxygen which is carried from one place to another using the POC or Portable Oxygen Machine. Individuals who face any kind of difficulty in breathing are the users and purchasers of POCs and portable oxygen devices.

This can cleanse the room air up to 95% which is a massive amount. Basically., it not only serves as a portable Oxygens tool but also plays a crucial role in the refining of dirty air which when taken by the lungs is painted can cause serious issues to their health.

The major objective of using the Portable Oxygen Machine is that it is a travel-friendly device which is lightweight and small. Thus, you won’t require any heavy weighted tool for your convenience in the breathing of fresh air.

With continuous Oxygen therapy, the patients of the lungs can get the benefit of this handy device which provides continuous support in breathing portability. Once a POC is purchased it will enable you to receive a Confucius supply of clear and purified Oxygen.

How Does a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Work?

The oxygen concentrators are basically for the delivery of pure air by first filtering the room air. This is done inside the Oxygen concentrator which serves as a removal of harmful and unnecessary glass that may harm the patient’s Lungs.

For deep details on how a portable Oxygen Concentrator works, you can easily explore the details which are further guided as:

Inputting of Room-Air:

The concentrators of the Oxygen first fill the room with air. Because its next step is to purify the Oxygen for health patents. Inside a vacuum, this air is filled.

At this stage, it contains a lot of harmful gasses which when directly consumed by the lungs can cause severe issues and sometimes its continuous intake can create major health concerns.

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Once the room air is filled then here comes the major step which is filtration of the air. The unnecessary dust particles are removed which is very beneficial for the delivery of only Oxygen which the health sufferers or allergy patients can not bear.

These dust particles affect our lungs and sometimes the air contains harmful glass which is filtered in this step. 

Elimination of Nitrogen and Harmful Gasses:

The major target component of Oxygen and all other unnecessary gasses are removed. This is done by the concentration of Oxygen and the removal of Nitrogen which is excessively present in the normal air.

The molecular sieve material, such as zeolite strictly controls the entrance of Nitrogen gas molecules in the filtered air. 

Conveyance of Oxygen:

The purified, cleansed and clear Oxygen is delivered to the receiver of the Portable Oxygen Concentrator at the final step.

It has uncountable merits if you have serious concerns about your health of yours. Those who are consumers of concentrated Oxygen have witnessed a handsome amount of improvement in their health with the POCs.  

Battery Source:

The whole process explored above works under the condition of battery sources which may include the DC supply, cells or a battery.

Chargeable battery sources for the concentrated Oxygen devices are also available which facilitates by reduction in the continuous usage of cells and changing battery packages over some time.

Why is Portable Oxygen Used For?

With the surety in the purification of Oxygen in the Portable Oxygen device, this tool has several benefits. It is consumed by such patients who have serious concerns about their health and prefer breathing purified and clear Oxygen over the air which contains numerous dust particles etc.

The major concern while utilizing the Portable Oxygen Concentrator is that it improves the functions of their health.   

Various medical benefits can be seen if the sufferer of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) gets a better intake of air in which there is less dust and other injurious or damaging gasses.

Who Needs A Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a very common lung issue in which patients feel a reduction in the level of Oxygen.

It is hard to breathe properly like other consumers of Oxygen in their daily lives. This happens due to the consumption of Tobacco, smoke and other dangerous chemicals which are consumed for a long period. 

Tobacco is consumed by millions of people all around the world which then leaves a lasting impact on their health, especially the Lungs.

So such sufferers use a Portable Oxygen Concentrator to get the air intake which is numerous Oxygen and free from Nitrogen and other gasses. Also, people who require sufficient Oxygen during traveling use portable Oxygen.

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Advantages of POC’s or Portable Oxygen Machine:

The merits of Portable Oxygen Machines are discussed further. The preceding information can be read for a better analysis of the useful impact of this medical tool. Here is an elaborate discussion on this:

Portable Concentrator:

Individuals who require any portable Oxygen concentrator can use this concentrator because it is not bulky like the rest of the Oxygen and medical devices.

One can conveniently use this medical tool to get a better lifestyle of concentrated amounts of air. Furthermore, it is light in weight which is the major purpose for lung patients to invest in this.  

Continuous Oxygen Supply:

When a person suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Bronchitis and other related respiratory issues can invest in the Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

This can purify the air up to 95% which is huge in number and improves the quality of life. Oxygen therapy is taken by millions in every country or its contour Oxygen supply.          


It is small, portable, light and travel-friendly. The sufferers of Bronchitis, Asthma, Cough, Influenza, respiratory syncytial virus or other related issues are recommended by doctors to utilize the Portable Oxygen Concentrator or device.

It is light in weight and the patients do not need to carry a bulky weight for their lungs or Oxygen therapy.  

Effective in traveling:

The massive advantage is that it is effective in traveling and ensures freedom and liberty to the consumers of it. While traveling, a lot of people who can not bear the polluted air can easily take the benefit of this.

You can easily carry this Oxygen appliance if you are moving from one location to another and you are a sufferer of Bronchitis, Asthma, Cough, Influenza, respiratory syncytial virus or other related issues.

Value to Money:

The money you will invest will not get wasted because it has a diverse range of positive impacts on health and other concerns. Once you have purchased it, you will practically see the advantage of this device in the surety of closed room air.

Overall, this Oxygen concentrator holds a beneficial role in the lives of lung patterns. Including affordability as it’s one of the positive points. Know more about How to Use Oxygen Concentrator Machine.


  1. How Does a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Work?

 The portable Oxygen Concentrator intakes the room air. Thai room air contains a lot of dust particles and other dirt sprinkles. Once the air goes inside this tool, there comes a filter which removes this dust and unnecessary particles.

Then, the Nitrogen gas is filtered and its molecules are removed to concentrate only Oxygen molecules. The purified air is then taken by the concentrated Oxygen consumer.   

  1. What are the advantages of the Portable Oxygen Machine?

 The Portable Oxygen Machine is a concerto for Oxygen which removes the unnecessary dirt particles and other harmful gasses that cause major concerns to the health of the Lung patients. With the purification up to 95%, you can easily get clear air to breathe.

  1. Who Needs A Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

 It is small, portable, light and travel-friendly. The sufferers of Bronchitis, Asthma, Cough, Influenza, respiratory syncytial virus or other related issues are recommended by doctors to utilize the Portable Oxygen Concentrator or device. Also, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients are the consumers of portable Oxygen Concentrators.

  1. Why is Portable Oxygen Used For?

 Portable Oxygen is used when traveling from one destination to another. The sufferers of lung diseases can carry this Portable Oxygen which is travel-friendly and convenient to use. This medical tool is affordable and the patients don’t have to invest a lot in an Oxygen concentrator machine.


The Oxygen Concentrator Machine is a major appliance which is used by millions of lung patients. It purifies the room air by filtering it into cleaned Oxygen. The air of the room goes under several steps and then the Nitrogen and other harmful gasses are removed.

Those who are sufferers of Bronchitis, Asthma, Cough, Influenza, respiratory syncytial virus or other related issues can take advantage of this portable device which has numerous advantages such as being lightweight, travel-office, cost-effective and convenient in traveling.

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