How Do Portable Oxygen Concentrators Work

The Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) is a medical tool for the patients of respiratory or lungs. It is a travel-friendly, small, handy, and lightweight respiratory appliance which is used by millions all across the world. Let’s dive deep with Respiratory Zone to know more about, How Do Portable Oxygen Concentrators Work.

The major objective of the POC is to concentrate the Oxygen which is present in the air and then a purification process is made to cleanse and filter the room air. With the removal of dust sprinkles and other dangerous gasses like Nitrogen, lung patients or allergy sufferers get purified air to breathe. 

A Compressor is suited inside the Portable Oxygen Concentrator machine which comes with a filter for the cleaning and staining purpose. The ambient air contains 21% Oxygen which is then concentrated by a proper procedure.

When it comes to the question of how Portable Oxygen Concentrators work, here is a detailed discussion disclosed in the provided article which one can consider for a better approach and fitter proceedings towards the working of Oxygen Concentrators.

What Is An Oxygen Concentrator?

In simpler terms, it is a handy, carriable and travel-friendly device which is used by the sufferers of lung diseases. This involves the process of Oxygen therapy by which a better lifestyle can be maintained by the continuous therapy of concentrated Oxygen.

The filters are designed inside this medical tool which serves as a major component for dirt removal and then after that the Nitrogen gas along with other gasses are removed. The POCs typically serve as a major useful appliance for those who face hardship in the respiratory system due to any of the diseases related to the lungs.

Working of the Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

 The Oxygen inside the atmospheric or room air is only 20% of the total percentage ratio. Nitrogen is a very common gas which is massively present in the environment’s air around 78% and the rest are the other glasses with dust and dirt particles.

At the very first step, the ambient air is sucked inside the vacuum which goes under the filter which is located inside. Then, the compressor performs its task by continuous sucking of room air.

Due to this pressure, the room air passes through a special filter which eliminates the Nitrogen and other molecules. Due to their bigger size as compared to the molecules like Oxygen, this filter separates and stores only the concentrated Oxygen particles.

Finally, this 95% purified air is inhaled by the lung patients and the therapy continues until the requirement of the inhaling patient or other issues such as a change of battery pack arises.

Use Of The Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

The Portable Oxygen Concentrator is an appliance for people who are the allergy suffers of the patines of diseases like Bronchitis, Asthma, Cough, Influenza, respiratory syncytial virus or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients are the patron of portable Oxygen Concentrators. The surrounding ambient air in the environment goes through a certain process and at the last stage, the 95% pure Oxygen is delivered to the inhaler. 

The inhalation with the Oxygen Concentrator boosts the health of such sufferers whose health is concerned with these diseases. Over 1.5 Million adults in the United States consume concentrated Oxygen for better survival due to health concerns and lifestyle.

People with chronic lung disease are recommended by doctors to get the benefit of an Oxygen Concentrator Machine. If a person is allergic to normal room air then he must prefer the POCs or the Concentrated Oxygen.

Benefits Of The Home Oxygen Concentrator:

Some major benefits of the Home Oxygen Concentrator are discussed in the proceeding description. It is named as Portable Oxygen Concentrator because they are travel-friendly and one can easily carry it from one place to another.

The POC’s are not the same Oxygen tan because the Oxygen tanks are already filled with liquid Oxygen and the Portable Oxygen Machines uses the present amibant or Room air and filters it by passing it under certain processes. Here is a detailed summary on the benefits of the Oxygen making machine or simply the POC’s.

Purification of Room Air:

 The Oxygen is concentrated up to 95% and the air is filtered by undergoing some processes. In most cases, these POCs are considered more recommended due to their great filtration and the cleansing of the present room air. The Concentrated Oxygen consumer does not have to worry about the dust sprinkles because they are eliminated in the first step. 

Travel Friendly POC’s:

 The POCs are travel-friendly medical tools which are normally more portable than the Oxygen tanks. The consumers of the Oxygen tanks typically have to be restricted within a specific area because they can not carry these tanks easily due to and bulky liquid Oxygen inside. One can invest in the POCs because they filter the room air up to 95% of cleansing.

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Easy to Use:

 Home Oxygen Concentrators are easy to use because they are portable and designed in such a way that they are handy and the concentrated Oxygen consumer does not have to go through difficult processes for the inhaling of cleansed air. The major reason to invest in is its easy use and the purified inhaling.     

Affordable Oxygen Concentrator:

The prices of the POCs are around 6000 pkr to 7000 pkr which is not as such very expensive and cost value to the money. One can invest in it due to its numerous advantages and light-weighted positive points. It will be worth a full investment for the sufferers of the allergy and the lung patients.

How To Measure Oxygen Concentration in Air?

 With the help of the Luminescence method, one can measure Oxygen concentration in Air. A fluorescent film which changes as per the concentration of the Oxygen is applied to the edge of the probe.

As according to the density of the Oxygen present in the air this fluorescent film changes and the concentration of the Oxygen present in the air can be measured. This is a common method used in the field of medical science for many years.

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How Many Hours Do Home Oxygen Concentrators Last?

Typically the Home Oxygen Concentrators with a single battery lasts for around the time duration of 2-6 hours. The average duration for the double battery POCs lasts around 5-13 hours. Some other factors may affect this such as the company of the cells or battery. If you are using plug-ins then this will last as long as you will pull it out from the socket.  


 How Do Portable Oxygen Concentrators Work? 

The Portable Oxygen Concentrators concentrate the Oxygen which is presented in the air for the reason it separates the molecules of Oxygen with various steps. That is why it is known as Concentrated Oxygen. Various steps involved in the working of the POCs are sucking, filtering, compression and then finally inhaling. 

  1. Why do people use PCOs’?

The major objective of using PCOs is that they concentrate the Oxygen which is in the room air and provide filtered Oxygen to the consumer. It ensures the purification of Oxygen up to 95% and millions of people are using this medical device for Oxygen therapy in their daily life. 

  1. What are the benefits of the Home Oxygen Concentrators?

The benefits of HOC include the travel-friendly point which reflects its assistance in traveling from one place to another. Those who have any difficulty in the process of respiration due to any lung disease or other issues like Bronchitis.  

  1. How many hours does the Home Oxygen Concentrator last?

Typically the single battery cell lasts for around 2 – 6 hours but the double battery cell lasts around 5 -13 hours. The direct plug-in lasts until it is plugged out. Moreover, it depends upon some of the other points such as the company of the battery etc.    


The POCs are very common all across the world in millions of numbers. These Portable Oxygen Concentrators guarantee the purification of the air up to 95% and provide the cleansed air. The working of these portable concentrators of the Oxygen contain certain processes.

At the very first step, the ambient air in the room is inside the POC. Then there comes a filter which removes the dirt and dust particles from it. This removal of dirty sprinkles plays an important role in the sufferers of the allergy. Because with his removal the patients of dust allergy can’t breathe pure and first-free air. Then this filtered air goes under another process where the Nitrogen gas and other molecules are removed.

The logic behind this is that the molecules of Nitrogen are heavy as compared to the molecules of Oxygen. The concentrated Oxygen is then inhaled by the consumer of the Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

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