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Without regard to any particular medical condition, access to medical oxygen is an essential component of healthcare in Pakistan. Oxygen is essential for treating a variety of crises, chronic respiratory illnesses, and administering anesthetic during operations. We will examine the importance of buying medical Oxygen Concentrator online in Pakistan in this blog, emphasizing on its practicality, security, and accessibility.

What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

An oxygen concentrator is a crucial piece of medical equipment that gives people whose health issues cause dangerously low oxygen levels a second supply of oxygen. To guarantee safe and efficient use, it is often prescribed by a healthcare expert.People who are struggling with a variety of respiratory issues.

However, it’s important to stress that purchasing or using an oxygen concentrator should always be done with the advice and direction of a licensed medical professional. Using one without the correct supervision or a prescription has serious health hazards.

What are types of oxygen concentrator?

There are two main types of oxygen concentrators, each of which serves a different purpose.

Portable oxygen concentrator :

In comparison to its stationary counterparts, portable oxygen concentrators are more portable and lightweight, making them the perfect choice for people who require oxygen when moving around or traveling. It's crucial to remember nevertheless that they typically produce less oxygen than fixed concentrators do. The majority of portable concentrators run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, giving users the freedom to use them anywhere there is a source of electricity. People are able to keep an active lifestyle while obtaining the required oxygen therapy thanks to this portability. You should base your decision between these two oxygen concentrator types on your individual medical needs, lifestyle preferences, and advice from your healthcare practitioner.

Home oxygen concentrator :

The average weight of stationary or home oxygen concentrators, which is roughly 22 pounds (10 kilograms), is more substantial. They frequently have handles for simple lifting or wheels at the bottom for simple movement about your house. These concentrators are built to be plugged into a regular electrical socket and run on electricity. Some manufacturers provide built-in backup mechanisms, including battery support or an additional compressed oxygen tank, in case of power interruptions. You can continue receiving oxygen therapy even if there is no electricity thanks to these backup plans.

Oxygen Concentrator Importance :

Medical oxygen is a lifesaver for those suffering from a variety of illnesses. It is a crucial part of respiratory therapy and is used to treat conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and pneumonia. Oxygen is also necessary to keep patients’ vital functions intact throughout surgery, as well as in cases of trauma or cardiac arrest.

How Oxygen Concentrator Works?

Selective Filtration

Special filters distinguish between nitrogen's bigger molecules and smaller ones of oxygen.

Air Filtration and Compression

They draw air from the atmosphere, compress it, and raise its pressure.

Oxygen Collection

Nitrogen is taken out while oxygen is collected in a tank.

Oxygen Delivery

The user receives purified oxygen via a mask or nasal cannula.

Duration of Usage :

The Advantages of Buying Online Medical Oxygen Concentrator :


Reputable internet retailers offer comprehensive product details, such as concentrator specifications, oxygen purity levels, and safety precautions. Customers are better equipped to decide on their healthcare requirements because to this transparency.


Online oxygen concentrator purchases provide incomparable comfort. Online platforms make it simple to access this important healthcare resource, regardless of where you live—in a crowded city or a small, isolated village. In times of emergency or for people with restricted mobility, this accessibility is very beneficial


Online vendors frequently keep stock on hand of oxygen concentrator, ensuring a steady supply. This is crucial in circumstances where having access to oxygen right away can mean the difference between life and death.

Safety Considerations !

When handling oxygen concentrator, safety must always come first. The following are some crucial safety tips:

Quality assurance

Verify the online source complies with safety guidelines and requirements using quality assurance. It is essential to get concentrator that are guaranteed to contain oxygen of the highest quality for medical use.

Usage Instructions

Become familiar with the correct way to handle and utilize oxygen . Never try to alter or fix a by yourself.

Proper Storage

Medical oxygen concentrator should be kept out of the path of heat sources and combustible substances in well-ventilated spaces. Leaks and improper handling should be avoided by taking the proper measures.

Emergency preparedness

Prepare for emergencies by having a plan in place that includes having access to backup cylinders and understanding safe usage.

Difference between Oxygen Concentrators and Mechanical ventilators?

Mechanical ventilators and oxygen concentrators are two different medical devices with two very different purposes. People with diseases like COPD, asthma, or low blood oxygen levels may use an oxygen concentrator to boost their existing oxygen supply. It works by gathering and concentrating oxygen from the air around the user, giving them the extra oxygen assistance they need to breathe on their own. A mechanical ventilator, often known as an oxygen machine, plays a crucial role as a life support system in contrast. When someone can’t breathe on their own, whether from acute respiratory distress, life-threatening illnesses, or during surgery, it helps them breathe. In order to maintain oxygen levels and sustain lung function, the mechanical ventilator administers controlled breaths.

Who need oxygen concentrator?

To ascertain whether an oxygen concentrator is appropriate for your particular needs, your doctor is crucial. If they think it’s necessary, they will give you detailed instructions on how much oxygen to use and how long to use it for in order to keep you safe and healthy. Always put your health first and follow your doctor’s advice when thinking about getting an oxygen concentrator.

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Cleaning Procedure for Oxygen Concentrator :

Maintaining the efficiency of your oxygen concentrator equipment and your general health requires routine cleaning. The steps of cleaning various oxygen concentrator parts are as follows:

1. Facemask Cleaning or Tubing :


Wash your tubing or facemask with warm water and mild dish soap at least once per week. If you get sick, increase how often you clean.


Gently wash the facemask or tubing in the soapy water, being careful not to let any water get inside the tube.


Allow thoroughly cleaned tubing or facemask to air dry. Contact your oxygen source for a new tube if you see any damage in it.

2. Maintenance of Humidifier Bottle :


Clean your humidifier bottle every three days if you use one.


Use warm water and mild dish soap to wash the humidifier bottle. Use hot water to give it a good rinse.


Following cleaning, dry the bottle with a paper towel before letting it entirely air dry.

3. Care for Concentrator Filters


Once a month, clean the concentrator filter.


Take out the filter and set it in a spotless bowl with some water and mild dish soap. Scrub any dust or grime away using a washcloth. Remove any soap residue by giving the filter a thorough rinse under running water.


Before reinstalling the cleaned filter in the concentrator, lay it out on a dry, clean cloth and allow it to completely dry by air. Your oxygen concentrator and any associated accessories should be cleaned and maintained properly to prolong their life and maintain the security and efficacy of your oxygen therapy. Always adhere to these cleaning recommendations to improve your wellbeing overall.

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Oxygen Concentrator Price in Pakistan?

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