Air Mattress Price in Pakistan

With years of work and unstoppable services across Pakistan, the Respiratory Zone also benefits its customers with the Air Mattress. Whether you have a backbone issue, require more convenience and comfort or require a space-saving solution then Respiratory Zone is the best option for you. Air Mattress price in Pakistan is around 6000 PKR which you can easily purchase from various websites. If you are seeking to buy it for our website then we ensure its guarantee of long-lasting quality, affordable money and versatility as well. For better information relevant to the price of Air Mattress in Pakistan, you can explore the provided article.

Affordable Air Mattress Price in Pakistan

Respiratory Zone offers durable and persistent Air Mattresses that can meet one’s requirements. Air Mattress offers a versatile solution for many sleeping-relevant issues and also if there is a unique guest then you can go with these affordable air mattresses under very pocket-friendly prices. In Pakistan, you can find various types of Air mattresses with different types of qualities varying as per the prices. But one which is being offered at the Respiratory Zone is not only affordable but is also very relaxing and quality is guaranteed in it. We are delivering our Air Mattress services in Pakistan in different cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.    

Air Mattress Price in Karachi

Those who are residents of Karachi have this opportunity for the Respiratory Zone from which they can purchase these environment-friendly Air Mattresses that can be a satisfactory purchase too. In Karachi, we are offering this option to all the finders of the Air Mattress under pocket-friendly options. The price at which we are offering this is 6000 and we are providing it on sale prices.      

Air Mattress Price in Lahore 

Need a comfy Air Mattress in Lahore? Stop looking any more! Respiratory Zone delivers the Air Mattress at very cheap prices and also these are very eco-friendly. Lahore also offers a diverse selection of mattresses under various money packages but if you are seeking the one that would also ensure the guarantee and comfortability the Respiratory Zone is the best option. Air Mattress price in Pakistan starts from around 5000 on various websites. You can purchase yours by simply contacting us on the details that are provided in the future below.    

Air Mattress Price in Islamabad

Who doesn’t want a life with uncomfortability? So, you are perfectly at the right place we are delivering our best-in-class air mattresses to various locations in Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Look no further for the best and unmatchable quality of the mattress and book your air mattress now! 

Specifications of Air Mattress for Patients Bed Sore 

For better blood circulation you can use our high-quality Air Mattress by the Respiratory Zone with the help of which you can prevent the pressure points as well. Plus we also provide an air pump for the filling of its air which makes it highly suitable for the patients. The instruction menu will teach you how to make your bed the best for you. Air Mattress price in Pakistan starts from 5000 per and goes up according to the quality. But we are Respiratory Zone and make this point to ensure that we are having the best in class quality of these air mattresses under affordable prices which we are going to deliver across various cities. 

Brief Introduction  

Alternating pressure mattresses are such types of mattresses which are used by patients with bed sores. This is a special and uniquely designed bed for those who have bed sore. Its usage is due to the health care so that patients don’t feel any issues while sleeping. A Bed Sore is typically an injury that is caused by the pressure to any specific point of the skin. It is recommended to such patients who are sensitive to their health and require proper care for it especially when they have bed sore. Air Mattress price in Pakistan is around 5000 and it goes up with the quality respectively.    


Some of the major features include the following details: 

  • Easy Installation
  • Value to Money 
  • Adjustable Persistency 
  • Alternating Pressure 
  • Includes Pressure Settings 

You will also have an air pressure machine that will be used as the filler of the air inside the Air mattress. You might have been looking for so long for the Air Mattress price in Pakistan and Respiratory Zone is the perfect place for you. Along with these features we also include our products guarantee, no matter whether they are Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP, BiPAP, Cardiac Monitor, Medical Beds, Ventilators, Masks and Accessories.

Contact Us:

For any query or the relevant issue, you must contact us at the given details: 

Phone number: 03192004884

Email Address: [email protected]


Respiratory Zone provides many medical-related items such as Oxygen Concentrator, CPAP, BiPAP, Cardiac Monitor, Medical Beds, Ventilators, Masks and other medical accessories. These accessories are high in quality and affordable. With years of work experience, we are delivering our products with the best in class quality and peace of mind due to its pocket-friendly price plus long-term guarantee. 

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