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What is an Oxygen Concentrator ?

Oxygen concentrators are latest medical devices that provide instant supply of oxygen to patients which struggle with low oxygen levels. Unlike conventional oxygen tanks, which require refilling, oxygen concentrators function by drawing out oxygen from the surrounding air, making them more appropriate and worthwhile.Oxygen concentrators are also used industrially, to provide additional oxygen at high altitudes, and as medical devices for oxygen therapy.

How Oxygen Concentrator Works ?

The working principle of an oxygen concentrator is relatively simple. An oxygen concentrator or oxygen machine receives air, purifies it, and then distributes the newly formed air to the indivisual. Before the air goes into the oxygen concentrator, air is made up of 80 percent nitrogen and 20 percent oxygen.Oxygen concentrator uses that air then it comes out as 90 to 95 percent pure oxygen and 5 to 10 percent nitrogen.Here are some questions frequently asked about working of oxygen concetrators :

What is Effect of Oxygen Concentration on Microbial Growth?

Oxygen can either be necessary, non compulsory, or toxic for microbial growth. Except  anaerobes, it is generally recognized that the decline of oxygen level can causes metabolic modification and decline in growth rate of bacteria.

How Many Hours do Home Oxygen Concentrators Last?

Depending on the brand and unit, you may expect portable oxygen concentrators to operate for up to four or five hours on a single battery charge, with a maximum of 13 hours for double battery units. However, portable oxygen concetrators with a regular flow setting can provide oxygen 24 hours a day once charged.

Oxygen Concentrators :

In the era of health protection, technological progress continue to update the way we get medical treatments. Oxygen concentrators, an important component of respiratory health care, have came out as a safety device for individuals with breathing disoreders. Respiratory Zone, a well known name in the health care sector in Pakistan, introduced 5-litre and 10-litre oxygen concentrators. This blog tells the importance of these equipment, their availability, prices, and why Respiratory Zone is a trustable source for competitive oxygen concentrators.

Advantages of Good Oxygen Concentrators:

Good and portable oxygen concentrators now became a hike in respiratory health care. They help patients to keep a healthy lifestyle while gaining the necessary oxygen therapy. These devices are light weighted,portable, dense, and made to be carried easily, guaranting that individuals can continue their daily routines without compromising on their health.

5-Litre or Portable Oxygen Concentrator :

 5 litre oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen concentrators are flexible option fitting for a range of oxygen needs. With a continuous flow of oxygen, it can help people with different respiratory conditions, helping them have a more comfortable life. This oxygen concentrator mantains a balance between accuracy and flexibility, making it a good choice for both at home and on travel.

10-Litre Oxygen Concentrator or Home Oxygen Concentrators :

For those requiring high oxygen flow rates, Respiratory Zone offers a strong 10-litre oxygen concentrator. This device is designed to deliver a more considerable amount of oxygen, making it good for individuals with serious respiratory problems. It can be easily moved on its wheels and allows for easy filter access from the rear.The 10-litre concentrator ensures that patients receive the oxygen levels they require to breathe comfortaly and improve their quality of life.These oxygen machines are also used as commercial oxygen concentrators due to heavy duty oxygen supply .

Why Choose Respiratory Zone:

Our range of oxygen concentrators are made by highly regarded manufacturers, ensuring permanance, efficiency, portability,and performance.

Whether you need a 5-litre concentrator for day-to-day use or a high-flow 10-litre concentrator for more in depth therapy, you'll find options that meet with your needs.

Our knowledgeable team provides expert guidance and support, helping you to make neceessary decisions.

Oxygen Concentrators Price in Pakistan:

Queries about the cost of oxygen concentrators are valid. However, Respiratory Zone deals with these concerns by offering best prices for oxygen concentrators, including those famous brands like Philips. With Respiratory Zone, you can access top-quality oxygen concentrators without charged to be more.We also offer 24 hours fatest delievery of these oxygen machines to your footseps in Karachi and Islamabad.These oxygen machines are also availabe on rent on the best rates. We have best and most trustable offers for you to get quality sleep and have comfort which your body needs ! 

Conclusion :

In a world where respiratory health is important, oxygen concentrators came as a beam of hope for people struggling with breathing problems. Respiratory Zone’s 5-litre and 10-litre oxygen concentrators emphasize our commitment to enhance health care standards. Whether you’re looking for affordability, quality, or flexibility, these devices serve to various needs. By choosing us, you’re not only investing in latest technology but also in your health. With our expertise and focus, Respiratory Zone stands as a trustable partner in your journey towards better health and life .

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